What We Do

Opening Doors. Exchanging Ideas. Building Partnerships.

Infuze International helps clients realize their potential and develop new market streams.

Infuze International is a strategic and tactical consulting firm supporting businesses and organizations with inherently governmental, economic and trade interests and activities. We offer market intelligence, business development and delegation support to economic development agencies, NGOs and businesses currently seeking to explore, develop and expand new market options.

We deliver results, not just reports.
We create informational exchanges and networking solutions that break down the barriers between businesses, governments and organizations, enabling our clients to expand opportunities and launch initiatives that drive long-term growth. Our global and domestic outreach programs help our clients create alliances that promote innovation and expand opportunities.

At Infuze International, we leverage existing relationships and continually develop new ones to bring fresh insights and expertise to the challenges businesses and organizations face in today’s global marketplace.

The US Federal Government is the largest procurer of goods and services in the world.

Our expertise and proximity to the Washington, DC area enables us to facilitate private and public partnerships to enhance our clients’ positions in government contracting and advance their goals.